Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

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Logan Utah Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our exquisite hot stone massage at Aveda Essence Salon & Day Spa. Nestled in the tranquil foothills of Logan, Utah, our spa is renowned for its luxurious treatments and exceptional service. Unwind and let the soothing warmth of heated stones melt away tension, leaving you feeling renewed and revitalized.

Our skilled massage therapists are trained in the art of hot stone massage, a therapeutic technique that uses heated basalt stones to enhance the benefits of traditional massage.

Hot stone massage is a deeply therapeutic treatment that combines the healing power of heat with expert hands-on massage techniques. The basalt stones, heated to the perfect temperature, are placed on specific areas of your body, while our therapists use them to gently massage and knead your muscles. This unique combination of heat and touch creates a profound sense of relaxation, allowing your body to release tension and stress.

The warmth from the stones penetrates deep into your muscles, promoting increased blood circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This can help to alleviate muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and improve overall physical well-being. The gentle pressure and soothing heat of the stones also help to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility.

Please note that hot stones make a wonderful addition to most other massage treatments such as couples massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or even a prenatal massage!

heated massage stones on a woman's back
deep tissue massage therapy on a woman's neck
deep tissue massage releases tension in back and shoulders
deep tissue sports massage with gentle stretching
deep tissue massage therapy on a woman's neck
deep tissue massage releases tension in back and shoulders

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is quite similar to a traditional Swedish massage that offers a relaxing massage experience by incorporating long, smooth strokes and applying gentle pressure to tired, sore muscles. However, they also place a series of smooth, heated stones on specific points on your body. They may also hold some of the stones in their hands as they give the massage.

The weight and heat of the stones warm and relax the muscles and surrounding tissue, which allows the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure without causing significant discomfort. It can also help them target and release tension held deeply in the body without having to apply as much pressure as they normally would with a deep tissue or medical massage.

What to Expect During a Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages typically last 60-90 minutes, depending on the massage treatment package you have purchased.

Prior to your arrival, your massage therapist will prepare for your experience by heating clean and naturally smoothed basalt river stones in a professional warmer. Typically these stones are heated to 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the perfect temperature for the stones to feel soothing and to do their job. Anything warmer than this can cause burns, so be sure to let your massage therapist know if they are too warm. 

It takes quite a while for the stones to reach optimal temperature, so if you want this service, you will need to give advance notice to your massage therapist.

As your massage therapist begins your hot stone massage session, the warmed stones will be placed on several points of your body. Typically, they are placed along the spine, in the palms of your hand, across your low back, and on your legs. Depending on your specific needs, they may also be placed on other points such as your feet or abdomen. Some massage therapists also like to place them on specific energy or chakra points to balance your mind and body’s natural energy system.

Once the stones have been placed, your massage therapist will allow a few minutes for the heat from the stones to penetrate your muscles and allow you to relax more deeply. They will then apply massage oil or lotion and begin your massage.

Many therapists hold the warm stones in their hands as they use gliding movements and allow the heat from the stones to deeply penetrate the specific muscle groups they are working on. Depending on their specific style and technique, they may leave the rest of the stones in place as they work on targeted areas or they may remove them.

Who Will Benefit from Hot Stone Massage?

Though anyone can enjoy the benefits of a hot stone massage, they are especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The heat and natural weight of the stones are both grounding and relaxing.

A heated stone massage is also a great option for those who suffer from chronically tight muscles and low back pain. Many patients who suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hypertension, auto-immune conditions, and age related ailments also report that hot stone massages help significantly in managing their conditions.

Whether you’re an experienced pro or this is your first therapeutic massage, you’re in for a treat with a hot stone massage treatment.

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